It’s time for beautiful leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, and you autumn know Jeff, the FYI Home Inspection Guy’s tips on fall maintenance! 

We all enjoy a good fire in the fireplace! But let’s keep it contained, shall we? Have a certified chimney sweep inspect and clean the flues and check your fireplace damper. Make sure to remove any birds’ nests from the flue as well!

With the fall comes less lawn care! Make sure to blow out the lawn irrigation system so no water remains to freeze and cause damage. It is also a good idea to run all gas-powered lawn equipment until the fuel is gone. Then you can safely place them in storage for the winter.

Water! Works well when contained in pipes and coming out of the faucet, but not so well when those pipes freeze. To avoid pipe freezing, make sure to shut off any outdoor hose bibs, disconnect garden hoses, and make sure the interior valve is shut off with the outside valve open to allow any water in the pipe to escape. 

As we usher in the colder weather and rush to turn our heat on, a very important step is to get your heating system checked by a professional. Have the heating system checked at least once a year. This ensures efficiency and safety all through the cold season. It’s also time to replace your window screens with storm windows. This will help keep the heat in!

One last safety step as we start to think about hibernating: change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It is also a good idea to clean dirt and debris from the covers of these devices to ensure proper function. These are especially important as we are using our heating systems for the first time in months.

Don’t be corn-fused about fall maintenance! Take these steps to keep your family and home safe this season! 

Happy Fall! 

Jeff, the FYI Home Inspection Guy