You bought a new home! Congratulations! Now comes the fun part, getting your home set-up with upgraded safety features and improvements recommended by your home inspector! Here are Jeff, the FYI home inspection guy’s top suggestions.

  1. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors- Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. As it can be hard to tell how old the ones already installed are, we recommend replacing them all. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are recommended to be within 15 ft of each sleeping area, along with one on each floor.
  2. Locks- Change the locks on all the doors. Who knows who still has a key to the old locks? Deadbolts are recommended for impo=roved security.
  3. Heating and air-conditioning systems- Have these serviced! If it was too hot or too cold, we might not have been able to turn on and inspect one of these systems. If that was the case, arrange for a company to check the system out while the system is serviced. 
  4. Main shutoffs- Find and mark the main shutoff for the heating, electrical, and plumbing systems. You will want to be able to find these quickly and easily in case of an emergency!
  5. Electrical circuits- Label the circuits in the electrical panel to shut off the correct breaker quickly if needed.
  6. Wood burning appliances- Have the chimney inspected and swept before first use.
  7. Outdoor air-conditioning unit- Make sure there is at least 3 feet of clear space around the unit. Cut back any bushes or brush if needed.
  8. Washing machines- Upgrade to braided steel hoses instead of rubber hoses for connecting the washing machine to supply piping. This will reduce the risk of serious water damage due to a ruptured hose.
  9. Clothes dryers- Upgrade to smooth-walled metal exhaust ducts to vent clothes dryers outdoors. Keep the runs as short and straight as possible.
  10. Fire extinguishers- Provide at least one on every floor. An extinguisher in the kitchen should be suitable for grease fires.
  11. Fire escape routes- Plan fire escape routes from the upper stories. Make rope ladders accessible if necessary.
  12. Safety improvements- If your home inspector has recommended any other safety improvements, these should be done immediately.

As you begin the set-up of your new home, may these improvements make you and your family feel safe and secure!