Carpet makes the home feel cozy and is a great noise insulator. It can be hard to know when to replace them or what you can do to make them last just a little bit longer. Let’s look at Jeff, the FYI home inspection guy’s tips about carpets and how to maintain them. 

There is no exact science on how long carpets will last because there are many factors that affect the lifespan of the carpet. It can depend on the area of the home the carpet is in, where your home is located, whether there are pets or children in the home, and how well the carpet is cleaned and maintained. 

Location, location, location

There are certain areas of the home with the most foot traffic, areas that will have the most spill, and in some areas, it’s best not to have it. The two highest areas of foot traffic will be hallways and stairs. This means they will usually wear the fastest and will need more TLC. The dining room will have the least amount of foot traffic usually but runs the most staining risk. And the area that carpet is just not recommended is the entryway. Shoes are one of the biggest enemies of carpet as dirt and debris will stick to the shoe’s bottom. Any abrasive debris will rub the fibers in the carpet breaking them down faster and may cause trouble patches to form on the surface. But what can we do if we see the staining, dirt, and debris in the carpet?

Carpet Maintenance 

Wipe your Feet!

Trying to minimize the amount of dirt and debris that come in contact with the carpet is vital. Have an indoor and outdoor doormat at every entryway and ask all who come in to remove shoes is best. Living in a snowy state, salt and moisture are very common. So if we see any salt or salt stains, vacuum to remove any dry loose pieces. Then, use a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle to dissolve any white traces. Let it sit for five minutes and blot with a clean, light-colored cloth.


Vacuum regularly to maintain the looks and texture of the carpet. In high traffic areas, it can be a good idea to vacuum once a day. Vacuum slowly makes sure dirt and dust are taken away and make sure the carpet’s fibers are not damaged.

Treating Stains

Always treat any spills immediately. When a liquid spills on the carpet, the best idea is to use a towel or cloth with a neutral color and blot rather than rub the spill. 

Call a professional

It is a great idea to have a professional come around every 6 months. This will help the carpet’s fibers stay looking new and avoid any matting in high traffic areas. They can also reduce the carpet’s moisture, preventing bacterial growth and premature damage. It is also a good idea to call to help with any stubborn stains. 

What does regular carpet maintenance do for you?

Let’s do some quick math to show what cleaning your carpets regularly can do for your pocketbook. Carpet costs vary greatly depending on the quality of materials and the amount purchased. The life span of a carpet again depends on the quality of materials so that carpet can last between 5-15 years. For simple math, let’s say replacing the carpet in a room costs $2000 and the carpet lasts 5 years. $2000 for installation of new carpet over 5 years will cost you $400 per year. If you maintain it regularly, you could get another 5 years out of the life, which brings you to 10 years, making the cost $200 per year. You could save yourself $2000 by doing regular and thorough maintenance. Doesn’t it just make sense to be as thorough as possible to maintain your carpet?

Keeping your carpets clean and well maintained can save you money in the long run and keeps your home feeling warm and cozy. During his home inspections, Jeff will evaluate the carpet’s general look and feel in the home. He will make recommendations on maintenance and give any suggestions on extending the carpet’s life.