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Home Inspection Articles

How Long Do Sump Pumps Last? 4 Signs It’s Time to Replace

Reliable sump pumps are the homeowner’s best defense against basement flooding and water damage – but how long do these vital devices last? Knowing the function, lifespan, and signs of trouble from your sump pump can save you time, money,

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How Important is a Basement Escape Window or Ladder?

Did you know that having a safe and accessible escape route from your basement could be a lifesaver in an emergency? A basement escape system like a window or ladder is critical to home safety – but they're often overlooked.

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Unveiling A Hidden Health Risk: The Importance Of Professional Mold Inspections

Mold is a silent intruder that can creep into your home, often undetected, until it becomes a severe problem. While it may seem harmless initially, mold can lead to many health issues for you and your loved ones. From respiratory problems to allergic reactions, mold is a force to be reckoned with, and it thrives in dark, damp, and hidden places within your home.

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